AMS Ship Alarm Monitoring System

is designed for supervision and control of marine engines machinery propulsion with PLC SCADA and Sensors Condition Monitoring.


SELMA implements the design, development and installation of Ship Alarm Monitoring System:

  • PLC Programmable Logic Controllers Units
  • Marine Type PC Workstations / Touch Screen Monitors and SCADA (Supervising Computing Data Acquisition)
  • Signal Converters and Multiplexers Units
  • Sensors, Transmitters Installation
SELMA Ship Alarm Monitoring System Engine

SELMA engineering teams implement on-board installations of Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control Systems based on the latest distributed PLC CPU Units (Master / Slave) and associated I/O PLC Interface Units for centralized illustration performing monitoring of Ship Propulsion Plant and UMS (Unattended Machinery Spaces) of machinery plant under all operation conditions.

SELMA Monitoring Systems Retrofit / Upgrades are based on existing as ship fitted plans, where existing sensors will be used and ECR Cabinets / Console will remain in position. New PLC Units / PC Workstations are installed with up-to-date SCADA Graphical User Interface.

Diagrams and Curves illustrated for each monitoring / supervision function where the parameterizable and remote controlled units are represented graphically in animated mimic diagrams, providing the operator with instantaneous (without further inquiries) access of all images and control of the parameters on Workstations / Touch Screens and simultaneously displaying curves on real time or historical recorded data.

SELMA, relying on a 35 years experience

on Retrofit / Conversion Projects in Marine Industry implements the replacement of Old / Outdated Monitoring Systems with PLC platforms of cutting edge heavy duty technology securing long lasting operation of Ship Condition Monitoring.

SELMA engineering teams review existing installations and produce new interconnection drawings between sensors, plant and new monitoring platforms for wiring on the as fitted installations. The final Monitoring Platform solution is tailor made so that the on-board adaptation and installation meets vessel schedule and demands.

SELMA Ship Alarm Monitoring System Propulsion
SELMA Ship Alarm Monitoring System SCADA

SELMA undertakes according to vessel requirements the replacement of Transmitters / Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Level and Flow) with Marine Approved Type of up-to-date technology in order to guarantee the integrated Monitoring/Supervision function of Propulsion Plant.

AMS Ship Alarm Monitoring System

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