BWTS Valve Remote Control// VRC Electro - Hydraulic Valves

BWTS Valve Remote Control System is designed for ships with the use of electric or hydraulic actuators implementing remote control open close 0-100% condition.

SELMA implements the design, development and installation of Valves Remote Control Systems for the most demanding installations and for any type of vessels.

SELMA Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Valves Remote Control Systems comprises of the following equipment:

  • Central HPU Hydraulic Power Pack Unit
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Actuators
  • Butterfly Valves
  • PLC Control Station
  • Mimic Control Panel
  • Central PC Workstation / Touch Screen Display
  • Main Hydraulic Control Box (Solenoid Valves / Double Pilot Check Valves / Flow Reducers / Hydraulic Blocks)
SELMA Valve Remote Control System VRC Panel

SELMA upon special request manufactures autonomous Electro-hydraulic Power Pack Units controlling a specific number of Valves Remotely / Autonomously.

SELMA Valve Remote Control System Electric Actuators Installation
SELMA Valve Remote Control System Open Close 0 to 100% PLC Control Station

SELMA Mimic Diagrams of Graphical User Interface (GUI) are implemented according to the pumping arrangement plan of the vessel and the valves can be linearly controlled at a scale of 0% – 100%. The Hydraulic Actuators are designed to operate at any extreme environmental location even permanently submerged in sea water and are therefore fabricated with a special protective coating. In case of emergency operation hydraulic actuators fail safety comprises of an input for connection to a portable hand pump.

SELMA Valve Remote Control System Hydraulic Actuators Design and Development