Flettner Rotors Wind Engine Control

SELMA is proud to have successfully designed and developed the Intelligent Automatic Control System and Software Algorithms based on Variable Frequency Drive Switchboards for ANEMOI MARINE TECHNOLOGIES Flettner Rotor System.

ANEMOI Flettner Rotors System is operating on board the

World’s First “Wind Powered Rotor Bulk Carrier” MV Afros built in 2018

(LR Awarded as ship of the year)

SELMA ANEMOI Flettner Rotor Wind Engine Control Magnus Effect

The Flettner rotors take advantage of the Magnus aerodynamic effect through their rotation. The vertical cylinders (Fleet rotors) are installed on the deck of the ship and are rotated by electric motors. Through their rotation in the air flow, the aerodynamic Magnus effect is created.

The result is that the Flettner rotors literally function as “mechanical sails”, thus assisting the propulsion of the ship.


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