Dead Man Alarm System

Dead Man’s Alarm System for Engine Rooms

Designed for any type of vessel where a one-man watch in the Engine Room is not permitted without an automatic personnel Dead Man’s Alarm System for presence supervision and monitoring.


SELMA implements the design, development and installation of Dead Man Alarm (DMA) System to monitor and supervise the presence of ship personnel in unattended positions of Engine Rooms based on a PLC Central Control System and Remote Reset Stations.

SELMA Dead Man Alarm System Control

Dead Man Alarm System
Location of Reset Positions

There are 3 Dead Man’s Alarm Reset Positions in the vessel,
from where the system can be manually operated:

  1. Engine Control Room (ECR System Main Control Unit)
  2. Engine Room Entrance Station 1 (E/R Remote ON/OFF, Reset Station 1)
  3. Engine Room Entrance Station 2 (E/R Remote ON/OFF, Reset Station 2)
SELMA Dead Man Alarm System
SELMA Dead Man Alarm System Panel

Dead Man Alarm System Operation

Every time the Engineer on Duty enters the Engine Room the Dead Man’s Alarm should be activated. The system is set in operation mode, by pressing the OPERATION MODE button to ON at which point the dormant period (Base Time) countdown starts and should be reset within the preset time limit from the Reset Station.

This is to acknowledge the entrance of the Engineer on Duty in the Engine Room. After exiting the Engine Room, the Engineer must set the system to OFF position from any of the ON/OFF positions.

Base Time

Dead Man’s Alarm System Base Time can be set to: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes (default) or 25 minutes

1st Stage
If Reset is not pressed, following the end of the Base Time, a pre-warning signal is activated on the Engine Control Room and Engine Room Sounders.

2nd Stage
If Reset is not pressed, following the end of the 1st Stage Base Time a second stage timer, adjustable between 3 and 30 minutes, starts a countdown. At the end of the countdown the Alarm Remote Station on the Bridge Conning Position is activated. Resetting the Alarms can only be performed from the Engine Room.

Auto Activation

If any Alarm of the Engine Room is activated the Dead Man’s Alarm System automatically switches ON and the Base Timer countdown starts. The Base Timer can be reset only after the Engine Room Alarm is acknowledged.

SELMA Dead Man Alarm System Engine Room

Call Function

An Emergency Call function is available on the ON/OFF Positions and the Reset Stations. If the Dead Man’s Alarm Reset button is pressed for more than 3 seconds, then the Emergency Call is activated during the 1st and the 2nd Stages.