SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation// EEXI Energy Efficiency Existing Ships Index

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation is an innovative system designed to enable ships to fully comply with the latest regulation by IMO MEPC 76 MARPOL EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) that will be enforced from 01/01/2023, proving SELMA’s ability to quickly adapt to requirements arising from future regulations.

All Cargo and Cruise Vessels above 400GT (falling under MARPOL Annex VI) which are engaged in the international voyages should comply with EEXI standards. Ship Owners should submit to the classification for review and approval the EEXI Technical File that will comprise the calculations of the attained EEXI level that should be below the required EEXI standards. EEXI Technical File must be approved and IEEC International Energy Efficiency Certificate should be re-issued by the ship’s flag administration or recognized Organization at the 1st annual survey after January 2023.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation System - EEXI Energy Efficiency Existing Ships Index - 1 -

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation is presently one of the unique class-approved fully “automatic control type SHaPoLi” in the market which dynamically controls the ship’s Main Engine speed in real-time to achieve the power limitation requirements. The system demonstrates universal applicability in terms of interfacing, and it is designed for integration with any combination of Main Engine model, engine and governor controls, and any shaft power/torque meter models commercially available.

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SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation is transparently interfaced with the Wheelhouse and Engine Control Room speed control levers and telegraph transmitters of the Main Engine, and the Main Engine Governor. The system constantly monitors in real-time the actual power output of the engine through the shaft power meter When the engine’s power output approaches the designated fixed EEXI power limiting setpoint, the SELMA SHaPoLi controller automatically takes over and regulates the speed command to the engine according to its advanced and intelligent process control algorithm.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation System - EEXI Energy Efficiency Existing Ships Index - 3 -

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation offers additional advanced engine control options, such as the power “limitation by Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC)” (which allows for further optimization of the ship’s emissions and engine operation) and the “limitation by SOG”. All the possible operational and safety scenarios are accounted for by design.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation key design and safety feature is that due to its transparent integration method into the existing vessel infrastructure, in the unlikely case of a system failure, the vessel’s navigational safety and the actual control of the ship’s engine remains unaffected, as there is a direct instantaneous transition to the existing M/E control configuration, as if the system never existed.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation intuitive and straightforward design of the system’s user interface allows the operators to have full situational awareness of the process. A manual override function is offered for navigational safety purposes, when availability of the full engine power is required. The effect of this override action is instantaneous, offering a great safety advantage compared to other available EEXI limitation methods with mechanical limitation of the engine’s power output, which require considerable time and procedures to be manually overridden.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation offers extended data logging and reporting functionality, meeting and exceeding the regulatory requirements. The fully automatic control function of the system, and the advanced functional, safety and operational features listed above, make this the first SHaPoLi system of its kind, being at the cutting edge of technology compared with other EEXI solutions that provide only basic datalogging and alarming or mechanical-only engine power limitation.

SHaPoLi Shaft Power Limitation Advantages

  • Μ/Ε Automatic Limitation by Shaft Power
  • Safe & Simplified Installation procedure compared with other EEXI methods
  • Most Efficient and Effective method to comply with EEXI regulation
  • Reduce Ship’s Running Cost
  • Main Engine Lower Fuel Cost
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Tamper-proof system
  • Effective and instantaneous system override function compared to other tricky and time-consuming methods, such as the use of fixed bolts and mechanical interlocks to the M/E fuel rack
  • Data Logging and Event Logging
  • Ship Specific Drawings Study (Class Submission)