Dewatering System

IACS SC179 and IP68

Dewatering System is designed for Bulk Carriers Complying with IACS SC179 for remote pumping of water from forward spaces electro hydraulic valves.


SELMA Dewatering System is developed based on Electrohydraulic Remote Control Technology. An autonomous Power Pack Unit is installed in Void Space of Bulk Carriers and Linear Remote Control 0-100% of Fore Peak Tank Valve is implemented with the use of Hydraulic Actuators. Submerged construction with special coating of the Hydraulic Actuators ensures the long lasting operation of Fore Peak Tank Valve during Ballast and Deballast conditions.

Dewatering System 02

Electrohydraulic Power Pack Unit

is designed and tested according to performance standards IACS SC179 and IP68 protection for emergency operation under extreme flooding conditions of ship forward spaces.

SELMA experienced engineering teams curry out worldwide retrofit and upgrade installations of old type reach rod or conventional electric dewatering systems of controlling FPT Valve complying with SOLAS XII/13.