Tank Gauging System

Tank Gauging System Ballast Tanks Draught Fuel Tanks

SELMA Tank Gauging System is designed for marine industry implementing remote tank level measurement of ballast tanks draught fuel and cargo oil tanks level monitoring Alarm.


SELMA implements the design, development and installation of new building and retrofit Tank Gauging Systems for all type of ships, Tankers, Bulk Carriers & Container vessels.

  • Cargo Oil Tanks
  • Water Ballast Tanks
  • Draught (Fwd / Aft / MidP&S)
  • Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks
  • Diesel Oil Tanks
  • Fresh Water Tanks

SELMA Integrated Tank Level Gauging System relies on modern PLC Platforms and are configured according to ship specific tank gauging specifications and requirements (turn-key solutions).

SELMA Tank Level Gauging System is based on Hydrostatic Level Pressure Transmission technology designed especially for long lasting operation.

Hydrostatic Level Pressure Transmitters (Ballast Tanks / Draft)

SELMA Level Pressure Transmitters are performing tank gauging by hydrostatic pressure that is applied on the transmitter. The direct conversion of the pressure into electrical signal is achieved by a minute deformation of the sensor diaphragm with applied pressure which changes the electrical resistance.


The transmitters are based on rugged and reliable capacitive ceramic sensors qualified for measuring small filling heights with accuracy. Thanks to different housing materials in combination with several mounting types the transmitter covers a lot of applications in shipbuilding.

SELMA Tank Level Gauging System Console
SELMA Tank Level Gauging System Cargo Tanks

Basic advantages

  • Small Thermal Effect
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Good Long Term Stability
  • 0.175% / 0.125% FSO BFSL
  • 0.35% / 0.25% FSO IEC60770


(Main Processing Unit) comprising powerful and robust industrial PLC controllers and equipment, is responsible for collecting and processing all the sensor signals and system data through the Remote I/O stations. All the data from the MPU are transferred and communicated to the new Panel PC Workstation for display, control and monitoring purposes, as well as for further post-processing.

The MPU also provides open-standard data outputs for interfacing with the vessel’s Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) as well as with the Load computer. Furthermore, the MPU has embedded extensive self-diagnostic functions, fully monitoring the health and status of the system and its sensors.

SELMA Tank Level Gauging System Ballast Tanks

Guided Radar Transmitters (Cargo Oil Tanks)

Radar High Frequency microwave pulses are applied and guided along the probe, where the pulses are reflected on the surface and received by the processor module.

SELMA Tank Gauging System display Gross / Net Tank Volume, Sounding, Ullage and Temperature measurements on heavy duty Workstations and Touch Screen monitors.

SELMA Tank Level Gauging System Product Tanker
SELMA Tank Level Gauging System Floating Doc

SELMA experienced engineers undertake retrofit / upgrades design/programming of existing systems where reduced piping requires due that most of the present installation (pipes, flanges etc) remains as fitted.

SELMA Tank Gauging System Sensors
SELMA Tank Gauging System Draft Sensors
SELMA Tank Gauging System Draft Level Sensors