Load Bank Container System

TALOS Project

Load Bank Container is designed for shipyards to test generators capacitive resistive and reactive load at difference power factors prior the sea trials.

SELMA implements the design and development of Power Factor Simulation Stations for shipyards and shipbuilding organizations in order to test Power Plant Generators at different power factors prior the sea trials.

The purpose of the system is the alteration of load in order to simulate different working conditions. The simulated load can be of any type resistive, inductive or capacitive or any combination. Inside the system are installed related banks and arrays which are controlled with the help of relays and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

Power Factor Simulation Station e1

The operator can use the system either locally from inside the Station using the Main Console or remotely with the provision of the required equipment. Additionally, the system provides data logging and printing facilities.

The system is housed in a compact enclosure for ease of transportation. Resistive, inductive, capacitive or any combination of load can be simulated.

Power Factor Simulation Station 02
Power Factor Simulation Station 03
Power Factor Simulation Station 01

The system is controlled through Linear Controllers and PLCs for quick and easy operation offering:

  • Local or remote operation
  • Data logging of alarms and results
  • Printing facility of alarms and results
  • Ease of operation through the use of touch screens
  • Any generator can be connected ranging from few KW up to 1MW (other capacities available upon request)
Power Factor Simulation Station i5

Load Bank Container System

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