Manifold Pressure Recorder CCR

Manifold Pressure Recorder/CCR Manifold Pressure Recorder Data Log Alarm System MESQAC Exxon Mobil H28


Manifold Pressure Recorder complies with the latest ExxonMobil MESQAC H28 Requirements for Tankers. It is installed in the Cargo Control Room implementing recording of existing Manifold Pressure Sensors or new pressure transmitters installation.

Manifold Pressure Monitoring Alarm & Recorder System comprises of state-of-the art control and instrumentation technology based on PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller) with maximum performance capabilities, implementing monitoring and alarm function operation:

  • Main Display Unit (Touch Screen)
  • Main PLC Control Panel
  • Zenner Isolator Barriers Box
  • Pressure Transmitters
SELMA Cargo Oil Tank Pressure Alarm Monitoring System

MESQAC ExxonMobil H28

It is Strongly Preferred that vessels are fitted with a device in their CCR capable of monitoring and recording the load and discharge manifold pressure outboard of each port and starboard manifold valve.

SELMA Cargo Oil Tank Pressure Alarm Systerm Exxon