Bridge Data Collection System

Bridge Data Collection NMEA to Modbus Multiplexer and Converter

Bridge Data Collection System designed exclusively for industrial marine application, receives every NMEA Signal of the Navigational Instruments and converts them to Modbus RTU in order to transfer collected data to ship’s Owner Office.

Bridge Data Collection System

SELMA Bridge Data Collection Unit implements data acquisition of every NMEA IEC 61162-2 Signal interfaced to Existing Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) or directly from Navigation Instruments such as DGPS, Anemometer, Gyro Compass, Speedlog, Echo Sounder and Autopilot, performing multiplexing and conversion into MODBUS RTU / Ethernet data signal. Collected data is made available to the ship’s network and shore office for recording, reporting, data analysis, voyage planning, routing history and any other post processing application.

Bridge Data Collection System
Bridge Data Collection System


  • The system operates automatically with any serial protocol, including NMEA 0183 at any baud rate up to 115200 Baud
  • Galvanic opto-isolation on the input meets the latest NMEA 0183 specification
  • ISO-Drive™ provides galvanic isolation on the outputs to prevent ground loops
  • Compatible with all NMEA 0183 versions without requiring configuration
  • Inputs and outputs compatible with RS422 and RS232 devices
  • Pluggable screw terminals for quick and easy installation and diagnostics
  • Power and data input indicator LEDs
  • Amplification of weak input signals
  • Power feed for single cable installation to the NMEA Talker